Previously, summer residents were provided with a very modest selection of types of tomatoes for planting. Valuable units were passed from generation to generation, and knowledge about the intricacies of cultivation was carefully guarded.

Early maturing, medium and late varieties

In our time, breeding has stepped far ahead and the present generations have access to an incredible amount of all kinds of tomatoes, for every taste and color.

The varieties are divided into early maturing, medium and late.

Early varieties

Lyubasha Is a recognized early variety. These tomatoes are red in color about 70 days after planting. This hybrid species was bred relatively recently, but has already gained love and popularity among gardeners. Suitable for both greenhouses and open space, however, in a greenhouse, the yield will be much higher.

Gardener's dream has medium, about 150 grams, sweet fruits. At the beginning of ripening, it has a pink color, ripe fruits are red. The variety is good for its disease resistance. Plant growth is about 70 cm. The yield is very high.

Tomato Yamal love for its unpretentiousness and high yield. Suitable for outdoor cultivation. It has good immunity and resistance to cold weather.


Gina considered the best large-fruited among mid-ripening. It is grown both outdoors and in greenhouse conditions. The color is bright red, the fruits are weighty. The yield is high, about 2 kg of fruits are obtained from one bush.

Altai pink... It is grown both in greenhouses and in the open field. The fruits are fleshy, very large and sweet. It is important that these tomatoes should be eaten fresh, as they are sensitive to transportation and poorly stored.

Tomato Budenovka... Lettuce variety, has a high yield, disease resistant. It is planted in any kind of soil. It is considered one of the best.

Sunny Tomato bears fruit on average for 110 days. The fruits are distinguished by their oval shape and red color. It is preferable to grow them outdoors.


Tomato "De Barao". It is notable for its plum-like fruits. Resistant to cold and shade. A very tall plant, it can reach 4 meters in height. Designed for planting in open ground or film greenhouses.

King of Kings. It has truly royal fruits, weighing up to 1.5 kg, hence its name. It is planted exclusively in closed ground.

Farm pickling... As the name suggests, it is ideal for pickling, retains firmness and does not crack. Resistant to disease.